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5 Benefits a Reputable Recruiter Brings to Your Job Search

Many job seekers today overlook the benefits a reputable recruiter can bring to their job search. Often times, a job seeker find themselves perusing the popular online job sites, applying on their own, then back tracking to a recruiter later in the process.

So why is that not ideal? I thought the best way to answer this question is to list the benefits we as reputable recruiters offer job seekers that can be lost when they apply directly on their own.

1. Reputable referral

As a recruiter, we work closely with the hiring manager and key stakeholders within the facilities. These close relationships allow us to present our screened applicants directly to the hiring manager, and bypassing online hiring apps. Because we pre-screen all our candidates, and discuss the facilities details, upfront, hiring managers know our applicants have been pre-qualified.

2. Access to positions not yet posted 

When working closely with facilities to fill their positions, and we are notified about “upcoming openings” that may not be posted yet. Often times, we can present qualified candidates for positions we know will be opening, or facility may be back-filling, allowing you to get fast tracked and give you an advantage.

3. Valuable feedback during the process

We know the facilities culture, and often the team members that are currently on staff, so we can provide valuable feedback on the environment, give you tips on things to mention from your past experience, and help guide you through the interview process.

4. Keeping your confidentiality

Many job seekers who start looking for a position can accidentally post their resume online, only to have their current company learn they are looking. This can be a mistake that causes harm to your current situation. By using a reputable recruiter, we can keep your resume offline, to ensure your search stays quiet.

5. Help during negotiations and client feedback

During the interview process, the recruiter can provide valuable feedback on who you will be interviewing with, help you understand next steps, timing of the process, and help you during the negotiation process. We can advocate on your behalf, to eliminate the direct back and forth with you and the employer.

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