Who We Are

InSearch Medical is a therapy owned business that understands firsthand what it takes to hire and retain a great healthcare team. We know productivity is impacted when your facility is short staffed. That’s why our team is dedicated to helping our customers reduce the time it takes to fill their open positions.  

Our employer network consists of hundreds of leading healthcare facilities across the country with whom we help attract, screen and directly hire skilled professionals. We apply business acumen, marketing expertise and therapy knowledge to each customer relationship, understanding facilities-specific needs including any challenges or urgency that may be presented, and use that to source and supply a sustainable flow of qualified applicants.

Our Difference

We’re in the business of close relationships, these relationships allow us to understand unique benefits to each position including location, facility environment, company culture, compensation packages, and even team-based dynamics. We then apply this knowledge to our search, ensuring we attract, screen and present each customer with applicants who have ideal skills, compensation expectations, and personalities that best fit their needs.

Our customers see on average, a 95% retention rate with applicants they hire through us.

Reducing the time to fill open positions increases patient visits, maximizes facility profitability and reduces direct and indirect costs associated with unfilled jobs. 

When clients can rely solely on the efforts of a reputable and efficient agency, they can find a substantial reduction in direct and indirect hiring costs.

National Coverage

We know sometimes finding the perfect fit may require looking for applicants outside an isolated location, identifying candidates with a desire to relocate. to a new area.

Steady Applicant Pool

We understand our customers’ needs are always changing, so we work diligently to maintain a steady pool of applicants within close proximity to our customers locations.

Hiring Assistance

During the hiring process, we provide customers with valuable feedback, to ensure the process of negotiations, offers, and counter-offers goes smoothly.

Post-Hire Support

Our team of experienced personnel stays involved post-hire to ensure there is a smooth transition for both candidates and employers with the new hire.

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Our Commitment

“All our applicants go through a formal screening process, to ensure their experience, qualifications, and professionalism meets the standards of someone we would hire ourselves.”

Wendy Beaudet

VP, Talent Acquisition Management


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