Steve Chenoweth, PT
Contributing Partner

Sam Echols, PT – OCS
Contributing Partner

First and foremost, both Steve and Sam are clinicians; with almost 50 years of combined clinical experience they see things first through a therapist’s eye.  But secondly and just as important, Sam and Steve are long time business owners and fully understand how the right hire can be the best investment a business could ever make, while just one wrong hire can take years for a business to overcome.

This dual perspective has helped create a recruiting and placement product that balances the needs of the candidate with the requirements of the employer.  Sam and Steve have been influential as contributing partners with InSearch in a way that has developed our product that is unique in this highly competitive industry.

  • Sports Agent Approach – we like the idea of our recruiters acting almost as a sports agent. While we won’t negotiate salaries and benefits for our therapist candidates, it is our recruiter’s job to know what they are looking for and make sure that we schedule opportunity interviews that best match that criteria.  Likewise, when it is time for one of our candidates to move on to a new position, we are confident they will call “their agent” back and use our staff again and again.  Our recruiters work hard on client and candidate retention and feel this personal approach sets us apart.
  • Match Maker Approach – let’s face it, a good resume doesn’t make a good employee any more than a beautiful picture makes a good spouse. Our approach at InSearch is to understand the candidate and the client we are placing for with each placement.  We make sure that we don’t fill cold spots with warm bodies that happen to have a license.  Our recruiters are not going to make an introduction unless we are confident a long term match can be made.
  • Client Advocate Approach – our recruiters / agents make sure that the clinic or institution that is doing the hiring is supported by our staff. We make it our business to know your business.  Before you do your first interview with one of our candidates, you can be assured that they are interested not only in the position they are seeking but also in the career you are offering.  Prior to your introduction to our candidate, they will already have a good idea of the position they are interviewing for and the culture your facility provides to all of its employees.