Chad Whitefield, PTA
CEO / Managing Partner

With a career in healthcare and specifically Physical Therapy spanning over 20 years, Chad has worked in all capacities of the industry including clinically, administratively and as a business owner. Experienced in a variety of settings including, outpatient orthopedic & sports medicine, hospital based, home health, pediatrics, industrial medicine, and assisted living facilities, Chad brings a unique perspective to the recruiting and placement side of the industry.

The idea and vision for InSearch was born out of necessity and frustration. As one of the founding partners of a successful multi-site regional outpatient physical therapy practice that also specialized in management contracts for hospitals, homecare agencies, and physician owned PT practices – Chad was fully involved in recruiting and maintaining a high quality staff of over 200 employees in 4 states. Constantly needing to deal with other recruiting firms that were only interested in “making a placement” and “collecting a placement fee” was not only expensive but also (many times) in effective.

As a business owner, Chad understood that large recruitment fees, staff turnover due to poor placements, and the training / retraining of staff represented not only a cost, but rather a large monetary and time investment for the practices seeking staff (in many cases a bad investment). This realization was the inspiration for InSearch – a Therapist recruiting, placement, and staffing company owned and run by Therapists.

In actuality, what Chad was instrumental in creating was a Career Management Company specializing in longstanding relationship building with candidates and clients seeking a better and more effective staff investment strategy. The InSearch Method emphasizes career counseling & coaching, career vs. job placement, staff retention strategies, and placement advisory services to clinics & healthcare institutions across the nation.

Finally, both Chad and one of his partners, Steve Chenoweth, sit on state licensing boards (Georgia & Florida respectively) as well as participate with the Federation of State Boards of PT (FSBPT) which provides a unique perspective into the challenges of initial licensing through the National Physical Therapy Examination and cross state licensure for candidates and prospective employers.